• To gain audience and more traffic you website should rank higher in Google Search.For this purpose your website should be SEO Friendly.

How to Make Website SEO Friendly?

Search engines and your prospective customers gives great importance to social media. Incorporating social media elements into the design of your Store will help it to rank better with search engines.

When selecting an image for your store, make sure that it is not too large in size. Ideally, images on your store should be 30 to 100kb and have a resolution of 72dpi.If you optimize the images that you use to, you can increase your store search engine rank.Large size images will slow down speed of your store

Search engines crawl through stores to index them, and determine their ranking in the results. If your store website features a great deal of Javascript, search engines will struggle to read your store website, and it will cause crawling issues also Javascript doesn’t work particularly well on mobile devices

Your Store must have SEO Friendly url's.For example, a URL, such as http://www.domainname.com/products/item2?=2128, is not an SEO friendly URL. It does not help the search engines to determine what that page is about.It should be like it should be something like, http://www.domainname.com/shop/soletreadmills.Also, if you need to separate words in your URL, make sure that you use hyphens, rather than underscores to do so.

Crawler and many user focus on keywords, but they neglect all other areas. Keywords can be used within any articles on your site, they can also be incorporated into the design of your store. You can also use keywords to optimize images too, but there are also many other areas where you can use them. They can be used in the title tag, H1 tags, website slogans, meta descriptions, meta keywords, navigation, H2 tags, bullet points, title attribute on links, H3 tags, breadcrumb trails, footer links, URL’s, file names, internal links and folder names.

If your store website isn’t completely accessible, then it will affect your conversion rates and your ranking with search engines. Your website must be viewable on all browsers, as if it is not, it will cause visitors to exit your site, without purchasing any products, or using your services. If your website loads slowly, or it’s difficult to navigate, then it will likely rank low with search engines.

Use of too much flash not only be distract your visitors, but it can also affect your website’s search engine ranking.It will be more difficult for search engines to rank your website if your website includes flash elements. This is because flash is often ignored or devalued by search engines, meaning that it won’t add anything to your site’s SEO. If you are going to use flash on your website, make sure that you do it sparingly.